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Organization of American Kodály Educators National Conference

  • Renaissance Oklahoma Convention Center Oklahoma City, OK (map)

(to be scheduled)

Prepare to Explore! Igniting Curiosity & Musicianship through the Preparation Phase

Kodály-inspired teachers are masters of the learning process: preparation, present, practice and assessment. Our children are immersed in rich musical experiences within each stage of the process, with unique opportunities to cultivate their curiosity, creativity, and musicianship throughout. In this session, participants will be guided through different exploration experiences to ignite the preparation phase and propel students into the learning process. Through varied media such as traditional singing games and dances, speech, and movement, teachers will discover new ways to allow for purposeful exploration and active music making while preparing students for complete music literacy. Activities will begin with exploration in the preparation phase and extend through a traditional Kodály-inspired sequence. Beyond the aural, visual, and kinesthetic modes of preparation, participants might consider new ways to entice their young musical travelers to new lands, exploring and discovering the special place(s) that is most fitting for each student. By differentiating throughout each phase of learning, we create opportunities for each student to be his or her most musical self.