You became a music teacher because you love making music.

Specifically, you love making music with kids. But it’s not the easiest job, is it? You teach all the kids in the school, and have no less than six different grade levels to prep for. Not to mention the extra performances and ensembles you take on because you love making music with kids.

There’s so much to do, and so much to teach, you feel like you’re missing beats left and right. You’re not sure what to teach next, or if you’ve scaffolded this musical concept or that composition project well enough for your students to be motivated and successful. Sometimes it’s so hard to know what to teach next and how to get from point A to Z.

Been there. Played that game. And now I’m here to help.

I used to be completely stuck. I felt like I had so much good stuff, and no where to put it. A pile of tangible, engaging activities that didn't belong in an order or a sequence, didn't have a greater purpose, and didn't give my students the opportunity to breathe and grow. So I researched, and edited, and discovered the perfect, flexible roadmap for music making with tiny people. One that provides the spiral staircase structure, with whatever spindles your kiddos need for support.

My name is Anne Mileski, and I'm the elementary music teacher, teacher educator, blogger, podcaster, and curriculum designer behind Anacrusic. It's my mission to make your teaching life less stressful and more joyful! I'm a huge music pedagogy nerd and have spent years soaking up as much varied and quality information as I can about active music making with kids.

I’ve completed numerous music teacher education courses and have spent more hours than I want to admit in graduate libraries studying music education. Through all my training and different modes of music educating, I’ve found my true passion: sharing the music making process with other music teachers.

Good teaching is good teaching.

And good music teaching is sequential, active, and exciting for both teachers and students. For you, the motivated music teacher, I happily share my vibrant lesson ideas and resources that aren’t random or haphazardly thrown together. Rather, what you get from me is purposeful, successive lessons and materials that make your music classroom come alive as a creative space, unfolding organically from experience to experience.

How does that sound?

Amazing? Amazing! I know this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. To get the goods, subscribe below for a peek into my process, teacher tidbits, and exclusive resources.

The Academic Stuff

  • Kodály Teacher Trainer
  • Workshop Clinician
  • Doctoral Coursework in Music Education
  • MM in Music Education & Performance
  • Orff-Schulwerk Certification
  • Kodály Certification
  • Gordon Music Learning Theory I Certification
  • Smithsonian World Music Ped Certification
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics Coursework + Exams

The Other Stuff

  • Wife to a fellow Wolverine (Go Blue!)
  • Mama to little girl "A" #ateam
  • Native Michigander, current Washingtonian
  • Casual (read: slow) half marathoner
  • Sephora, Target, & Amazon addict
  • Lover of sushi and Indian food
  • Disney obsessed
  • Consumer of gossip magazines
  • Amateur photographer
  • Professional cake taster
  • Beer snob & wino